Content Marketing

Journalists Can Flourish Anywhere


One industry that will never be hurt by a depression or flourish by good times is writing. Every company needs writers. Every hotel needs writers. Every restaurant needs writers. Every institution needs writers. Given the rise in content marketing and the value of it ($44 Billion), people are started to realize it.

As I was reading 5 Tips for Copywriters who Want to Stay Relevant in Digiday, I kept thinking to myself, “I learned that in J-school.” At U of I, we learned how to how to write in the short- and long-form, how to alter our tones and write from every which side of the picture. No matter what angle you look at it, we learned how to write it.

After school, I did my best to make it in the newspaper industry. After all, my dream was and still is to be the beat writer for the Chicago Bulls. Sadly, this dream was put on hold due to the poor state of the newspaper and the fact that I didn’t want to live at home forever.

I moved into the online medium because it is profitable, but more importantly, because I knew I could. I knew the Journalism school at U of I taught me how to write in whatever medium was out there.

I have friends who graduated from J-school who are now writing for major sports broadcasts, the fashion industry or Groupon. I have others who are still chasing the newspaper dream. Thanks to the lessons instilled in me as I pursued a journalism career, I have the ability to flourish in whatever industry or medium out there.

Journalism is a major well chosen.


Any Company Can Create Amazing Content

Safety Tips

There are marketers out there who say they work for boring brands and no matter what they do, people will not want to talk about their business. Well, it is time to MAN UP.

You think a blender is interesting or talkable? Most people would say no. Well, the 11 million people who have watched the below video would disagree.

Companies all over the world are creating engaging infographics, thoughtful blog posts and amazing YouTube videos. I am not talking about companies like ESPN, Oreo or NBC, but everyday brands the average consumer would never think of.

Two great examples recently came from the airline industry. Take a look at Delta’s and Virgin America’s new safety videos.

I realize these airlines may have some of the biggest marketing budgets out there, but they still chose to think out of the box and create these very engaging and talkable safety videos. I can almost guarantee every flyer who saw those videos went back home and mentioned it to their family and friends.

That, my friends, is great content marketing at work.