Chicago Bulls

Bulls Should Never Quit


As soon as Derrick Rose was announced out for the year, Bulls fans across Chicago and beyond started cheering for loses. If we aren’t going to win it all, why bother? Needless to say, Tom Thibodeau did not get the message and neither did his team. As a proud Chicagoan, I could not be more proud.

In life, no matter who you are or what you do, humans tend to look for excuses to fail. Whether it’s your back not letting you play or your job taking up too much of your time, many of us look for excuses to fail. The Bulls have a long list of excuses they could use. Rose is out for the year. They had to trade away Luol Deng. Carlos Boozer is mouthing off to Thibodeau. Jimmy Butler is taking a step back offensively. Whether for everyday humans or the Bulls, the list can go on and on.

I recently watched the movie Lone Survivor and there was one quote that really stood out. It came at the very beginning of the movie when they are showing the intense training exercises these soldiers had to go through. The officers are all yelling, “look for an excuse to succeed.”

Instead of looking for reasons to fail, why not look for reasons to succeed? The Bulls have numerous reasons to succeed. No. 1, their pride is always on the line. They are not going to throw the entire season away because they MAY be better off next season. How about an obligation to the fans? How about faith in themselves? If they think they can succeed this season, who has the right to tell them no?

They don’t only look for reasons to succeed. They use those reasons day in and day out as they prove to some of their most loyal fans what they are made of. For that reason, I could not be more proud of my Chicago Bulls.