Month: March 2014

Americans Don’t Know Sh*t About Technology

Are You Serious?

Some Americans are so out of touch with technology that 11% of the respondents in a recent study thought HTML was a sexually transmitted disease.

The study was conducted by, a coupons website, as a way to determine how informed users are when it comes to tech terms. The study involved 2,392 men and women 18 years of age or older. Besides this astonishing outcome, there were other hilarious revelations that came from the study. Some of my favorites are below.

  • 23% thought an “MP3” was a “Star Wars” robot. It is actually an audio file.
  • 77% of respondents could not identify what SEO means.
  • 12% said “USB” is the acronym for a European country. In fact, USB is a type of connector.
  • 27% identified “gigabyte” as an insect commonly found in South America. A gigabyte is a measurement unit for the storage capacity of an electronic device.
  • 15% said they believed “software” is comfortable clothing. Software is a general term for computer programs.

Finally, my personal favorite:

18% identified “Blu-ray” as a marine animal. It is a disc format typically used to store high-definition videos.

By the way, 61% of the respondents said it is important to have a good knowledge of technology in this day and age. Well, if that is the case, you may want to touch up on the basics.


Ellen DeGeneres Steals the Oscars and All Follow Suit

Ellen DeGeneres Selfie

I don’t have to tell my loyal readers by now, but Ellen DeGeneres stole the Oscar spotlight with the most famous selfie of all time (to date). In case you missed it, and unless you have been living under a rock, you haven’t, take a look at the stars who took part above.

So sad Angelina Jolie got blocked.

Nevertheless, the social actions that followed prove that real-time marketing is here to stay.

Before she took the picture, Ellen said she wanted to make a splash on Twitter and boy did she ever. The selfie become the most retweeted image ever, surpassing Barack Obama’s hug with his wife after he won the reelection in 2012. Besides Ellen, you better believe Twitter, which reportedly crashed for 20 minutes, got a big boost from the stunt.

The point I want to make is how easily all of America and the world listened to Ellen. She said she wanted to make this the most popular selfie ever and she did. People jumped online and joined the conversation. They wanted to feel a part of the action. They wanted to show off to their friends that they could retweet one of the most popular images of all time (sadly). They did this because Ellen said so.

I think this stunt shows why so many brands can’t afford to ignore real-time marketing. When a celebrity makes a statement on the biggest stage, EVERYONE LISTENS. Many brands tried to jump in on the action, but failed. However, you will notice every brand and their mother making an attempt, a far cry from the Super Bowl two years ago when Oreo crashed the real-time marketing scene.

All in all, the fact that people didn’t hesitate before retweeting Ellen’s selfie shows that real-time marketing is staying and will be a key player for years to come.