The Worst Stay in School Campaign

Stay in School 2

Sometimes, and I do believe marketers will be the first to admit it, but we fuck up. Whether it is a misspelling on a front page press release or a dumb Tweet that everyone ended up seeing, marketers clearly have their fair share of WTF moments.

The latest came from the Learn for Life for Foundation when they created perhaps the worst Stay in School campaign children have ever seen. Take a look at the short video below (1:45).

First off, the entire first half of the video seems like a paradise. Whatever 13-18-year-old that saw ithe first half of the video was probably asking themselves “why have I been wasting my time in school?” Then, of course, we see the big bang (pun intended) when the slackers start to get blown up because they are hanging out on an explosive testing site. Seriously, how outlandish can you get it?

What the fuck Learn for Life?


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