Our Obsession with Cats Shows Facebook is Not Your Cash Cow


Facebook is not a platform to sell your services or products and this point could not have been made clearer than with a recent photo I decided shared on WOMMA’s Facebook page last week. In case you missed it, look above.

One week later, this image has garnered 107 shares and 87 likes. This one image was the most viral and engaging post I have ever shared, paid or organic. With all these platforms giving preferential treatment to the big advertisers, that shows something.

In the end, this is why I tell everyone and their mother that the social media giant is not made for selling your product. Consumers share and interact on Facebook so they can either feel part of the crowd or because they want to show off to their friends. That is why this image generated over 100 shares. Those 107 people wanted to be the one person in their group who could say they found the next viral image. To put it likely, they wanted to show off.

And who could blame them? With the rise of Grumpy Cat (if you haven’t heard of him, just check out any SXSW recap and he will undoubtedly be mentioned) and numerous other cat videos, why not connect our obsession for being socially connected with this feline?

Compare this post to any other WOMMA post related to the blog, an event, or even thoughtful images that link back to the blog and the engagement doesn’t even compare.

People do not go on Facebook to see what brands they like are doing to make money. Consumers go on Facebook to see what their friends and family are doing. If they happen to see something posted by a brand that would resonate well with their group of friends, they will share it.

So the next time you decide to share a link to your event page, think again.


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