Content Curation Wins in Publishing

Rebound Sex

Content marketing is no longer a fad, but turning into a necessity to succeed in business. Many mediocre marketers think that content creation is all that goes into content marketing. Nowadays, content curation is becoming as, if not more, important as content creation. A recent article by my friend Jack Marshall of Digiday on the rise of Elite Daily demonstrates my point.

Elite Daily is the modern day New York Times for Generation Y. I started reading Elite’s articles back in May of 2013 and have loved it ever since. By no means was it an actual news source. I would read stories of virility, sex, sports and office politics. However, now, as all publishers do, they are turning into a publishing powerhouse reporting on everything there is under the sun. They have published provocative and eye-catching titles like “Sex With Your Ex? You’re Not Alone. Scientists Determine That Rebound Sex Is Just Human Nature,” to more newsy stories like “Power To The People: Ukrainian Prime Minister Resigns In Response To Massive Protests.” However, when you post images like the one above, who won’t click through?

Given their quick rise in the past two years, 43 million unique visitors in November 2013, it is not surprising that they have amped up their content efforts. They publish up to 100 pieces of content per day. Notice that I said publish and not create.

You will see that many of their stories or videos are taken from other websites like YouTube or other news outlets. Who can blame them? Look at the traffic some of those posts are garnering.

Jack Marshall reports;

Some posts published in November attracted over 1 million likes on Facebook, for example, including “This Middle School Football Team Went Behind Their Coaches’ Backs To Do Something Incredible,” which is comprised of a YouTube video of a CBS News segment and a 250-word summary.

Older content also bubbled up during November and December, Arabov said, like this one from August containing a month-old YouTube embed — “This Video Uses Jelly Beans To Show You How Much You’re Wasting Your Life” from Ze Frank — and a 75-word summary.

The post has 769,000 likes on Facebook. Neither of these examples would seem to qualify as amazing feats of content creation.”

I want to jump at that last stat. That post received over 750,000 likes on their Facebook page. All they did was take the video from YouTube and slap a few words together. I first saw both of these videos through Elite Daily’s Facebook page. I didn’t even know who created that Jelly Bean video until I wrote this post. The sad part is that I don’t even care. It was an intriguing piece of content that I wanted to see and Elite gave me that opportunity.

Content creation can take plenty of time and money. Content curation is fast, easy and highly efficient. A publisher cannot survive without a healthy mix of both. Marshall could not have said it any better.

“Both videos [above] were already viral hits on YouTube, but the name of the game in publishing, increasingly, is finding ways to get content shared on Facebook, even if you didn’t create the original content yourself. Publishing has become a game of packaging.”


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